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  1. The Performance of Zirconium Alloy Clad UO2 Fuel for Canadian Pressurized and Boiling Water Power Reactors, by R. D. Page and A. D. Lane, AECL, 01/05/1968. Doc type: Report.
    Summary: This paper presents the most recent information (as of 1968) on the performance of CANDU fuel, and goes on to summarize the results of an extensive irradiation program to develop fuels for boiling water cooled reactors.
    Keywords: [Concept] - [SI] 37000 Fuel [Discipline] Materials Engineering [Topic] Function Performance [Phase] Design Development Operation [Audience] Engineer
    - 19680101.pdf (2338 kb)

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  3. Canadian Power Reactor Fuel, by R.D. Page, AECL, 01/03/1976. Doc type: Report.
    Keywords: [Concept] - [SI] 03000 Engineering Science and Technology 37000 Fuel [Discipline] Materials Engineering Mechanical Engineering [Topic] Heat Transfer Thermalhydraulics [Phase] Design Description [Audience] College Engineer Technician Ugrad
    - AECL 5609, updated version of Lecture 14 of the 1974 Nuclear Power Symposium Series, doc#19720114 19760101.pdf (8580 kb)

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  5. Materials, Nuclear Training Course 228, OPG, 01/06/1993. Doc type: Course.
    Summary: General material properties and the approach to material selection for CANDU reactors. Failure modes of materials, both mechanical and radiation induced. Pressure tube problems.
    Keywords: [Concept] Materials [SI] 31000 Reactor [Discipline] Materials Engineering [Topic] Conceptual [Phase] Concept Design Operation [Audience] College Engineer Ugrad
    - Material Properties and Selection: Cover page, Table of contents, Introduction 20040900.pdf (140 kb)
    - Material Properties and Selection: Basic Material Properties and How They Can Be Altered 20040901.pdf (553 kb)
    - Material Properties and Selection: Common Mechanical-Based Failure Modes 20040902.pdf (870 kb)
    - Material Properties and Selection: Selection and Specification of Materials for Nuclear Applications 20040903.pdf (514 kb)
    - Effect of Radiation on Materials: Radiation Damage to Materials 20040904.pdf (547 kb)
    - Effect of Radiation on Materials: Problems with Pressure Tubes 20040905.pdf (612 kb)

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  7. Materials Course, CNSC, 01/01/2002. Doc type: Course.
    Summary: This course covers the following areas pertaining to Mechanical Properties: Mechanical and Thermal Stress, Corrosion, Pressure Tubes and Fuel Bundles
    Keywords: [Concept] Materials [SI] - [Discipline] Materials Engineering [Topic] Corrosion Radiation [Phase] Concept Design Operation [Audience] College Engineer Ugrad
    - Cover Page 20030300.pdf (86 kb)
    - 20030301.pdf (844 kb)
    - Materials & Chemistry 20030302.pdf (687 kb)
    - Corrosion 20030303.pdf (1280 kb)
    - Radiation Effects on Materials 20030304.pdf (1093 kb)
    - Les Matériaux 20070600.pdf (420 kb)
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