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  1. Reactor Thermalhydraulics Design, Course 2.1, by W.J. Garland, Chulalongkorn University, 01/02/1996. Doc type: Course.
    Summary: This course is concerned with the thennalhydraulic design of the process systems that are required to transport heat energy away from the nuclear reactor source and transform this heat energy into useful work (generally electrical energy).
    Keywords: [Concept] Thermalhydraulics [SI] 33100 Main Heat Transport System [Discipline] Nuclear Engineering [Topic] Basic Equations Important Parameters Process Systems Thermalhydraulics [Phase] Concept Design Design Analysis Design Evolution Design Process [Audience] Engineer Ugrad
    - Title and Table of Contents 20043701.pdf (170 kb)
    - Foreword and Glossary 20043702.pdf (74 kb)
    - Chapter 1 - Introduction 20043703.pdf (130 kb)
    - Chapter 2 - Design Requirements and Engineering Considerations 20043704.pdf (1189 kb)
    - Chapter 3 - Heat Transport System Thermalhydrauilics 20043705.pdf (447 kb)
    - Chapter 4 - Thermodynamics 20043706.pdf (309 kb)
    - Chapter 5 - Fuel Coolant Heat Transfer 20043707.pdf (245 kb)
    - Chapter 6 - Control 20043708.pdf (313 kb)
    - Chapter 7 - The Design Process 20043709.pdf (419 kb)
    - Chapter 8 - Process Design and Optimization 20043710.pdf (441 kb)
    - Appendix 1 - Comparison of Bruce A, B, & Darlington 20043711.pdf (223 kb)

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  3. CANDU Origins and Evolution, by Gordon L.Brooks and John S. Foster, AECL, 01/02/2001. Doc type: Paper.
    Summary: While the name 'CANDU' was not adopted until the 1960's, the CANDU program can be considered to have started in early 1954. At that time, a team, called the Nuclear Power Group, was established to undertake studies intended to identify a potential Canadian nuclear power system. While the team operated under the auspices of AECL and was located in Building 456 at AECL's Chalk River Laboratory, its membership was drawn from a cross-section of Canadian utility and industrial organizations supported, as required, with "nuclear" expertise provided by AECL staff.
    Keywords: [Concept] Overview [SI] 03000 Engineering Science and Technology 31000 Reactor [Discipline] General Engineering Nuclear Engineering [Topic] Conceptual Important Parameters Intro and Overview [Phase] Concept Design Design Evolution [Audience] Manager
    - Overview 20010301.pdf (132 kb)
    - Why CANDU 20010302.pdf (99 kb)
    - Figure of 8 20010303.pdf (111 kb)
    - Emergency Core Cooling System 20010304.pdf (107 kb)
    - The Origin and Evolution of the Second Shutdown System 20010305.pdf (101 kb)

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  5. Lecture Presentations on Heavy Water Reactors at 2010 Frederic Joliot / Otto Hahn Summer School (FJOHSS) on Nuclear Reactors held in Aix-en-Provence, France, August 25 to September 3, 2010, by Blair P. Bromley, FJOHSS, 07/09/2010. Doc type: Lecture.
    Keywords: [Concept] - [SI] 00000 General Project [Discipline] History Nuclear Engineering Physics [Topic] Conceptual Important Parameters Intro and Overview Physical Description [Phase] Concept Design Design Description Design Evolution [Audience] College Engineer Manager Ugrad
    - Main Lecture - Short Version 20110201.pdf (3441 kb)
    - Main Lecture - Long Version 20110202.pdf (10737 kb)
    - Supplement 1: R&D Activities for HWR Design and Safety Analysis 20110203.pdf (8280 kb)
    - Supplement 2: Alternative Concepts and Early HWR Prototypes 20110204.pdf (8403 kb)
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