MNRSIM: A Research and Training Model of the McMaster Nuclear Reactor

User Manual

Reactor Control

The Control panel gives the user an operator's view point of the system. The panel is only partially active, in particular, the control rods can only be used to change the shape of the core's flux, and not the actual power level, this limitation exists since the flux calculation is only done in steady state. The alarms are also currently inactive.

To Calibrate the core first let it run to steady state. Then pause the simulation, turn the calibration lock off, this will allow you to turn the calibration knob. Make sure that the Virt Rod is set to 1, and set the Calibrate Kw knob to the same value as the Core Power KW. Turn the Calibration Lock back on, and now the target Kw can be used to modify the Virt Rod in increments determined by the % Change/Sec knob.