MNRSIM: A Research and Training Model of the McMaster Nuclear Reactor


MNRSIM has been under development for over a year and is the combined result of several people's efforts. This directory contains the original design and discussion documents which were used during the development of the software. Older documents have less relevance to the current implementation, but may provide some insights.

2004 Aug, MNRSIM conference paper

2004 Aug, Cooling tower model

2004 Jun, readme.txt

2004 Jun, readme_modules.txt

2004 Feb, Heat Transport Specification

2004 Jan, Heat Transfer Specification page 5 Correction

2004 Jan, Heat Transfer Specification

2003 Nov, Hardy Cross Specification

2003 Sept, Flux Work report

2003 Sept, Cell Work report

2003 Sept, Concurrency Work report

2003 Aug, Early design document

2003 Aug, Early correspondence