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  1. Safety and Licensing Philosophy and Experience at Ontario Hydro Nuclear Generating Stations, by W. Lee, OPG, 01/01/1986. Doc type: Paper.
    Summary: As published in the Canadian Nuclear Society Bulletin Vol. 7, No. 1, 1986 with the kind permission of the CNS: The safely and licensing philosophy adopted by Ontario Hydro in establishing the need for retrofit design modifications to CANDU nuclear generating stations in operation since the early 1970's is discussed. This philosophy was developed in response to regulatory requests to determine whether this need exists in view of the more extensive safely and licensing design features incorporated in recent CANDU nuclear generating stations compared to the earlier designs. These addition features generally reflect evolving safety knowledge and licensing requirements over time.
    Keywords: [Concept] Safety [SI] 03600 Nuclear Safety (Reactor) 10000 Site and Improvements [Discipline] Nuclear Engineering [Topic] Safety [Phase] Operation Safety [Audience] Engineer Grad Manager Technician Ugrad
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  3. Design and Safety of Canadian Nuclear Reactors, by V. Snell, UNENE, 25/01/2012. Doc type: Presentation.
    Keywords: [Concept] Safety [SI] 30000 Reactor, Steam Generators and Auxiliaries [Discipline] Nuclear Engineering [Topic] Safety [Phase] Safety [Audience] Engineer Grad Manager Technician Ugrad
    - 20120101.pdf (11620 kb)
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