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  1. Canada's Nuclear Achievement: Technical and Economic Perspectives, by T.E. Rummery and J.A. MacPherson, AECL, 01/07/1995. Doc type: Paper.
    Summary: As published in the Canadian Nuclear Society Bulletin Vol. 16, No. 2, 1995 with the kind permission of the CNS: Canada's leading role and eminent accomplishments in nuclear development now span more than half a century. They encompass aspects as diverse as the design and sale of nuclear power reactors and research reactor technology, to the establishment of a corps of scientists, engineers and technologists with the expertise to address a wide scope of important nuclear science issues. To address the many facets of Canada's nuclear activities over the past 50 years would obviously require space far beyond that available in this paper. We have therefore limited this review to highlights we judge to be the most pertinent and interesting from an historical, technical and economic perspective. We also indicate briefly our view of the future of nuclear power in the overall context of energy needs in a world that is becoming more industrial and increasingly environmentally conscious.
    Keywords: [Concept] General [SI] 00000 General Project [Discipline] History [Topic] Intro and Overview [Phase] - [Audience] College Engineer Grad High Manager Technician Ugrad Vendor
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  3. Why Ontario Generates So Much Electricity from Nuclear Energy, by Lorne G. McConnell, CNA, 01/03/2010. Doc type: Paper.
    Summary: This historical review provides an excellent summary of the context in which CANDU was conceived, designed, built, commissioned and operated. The origins of some of the major characteristic features of CANDU are also given. Note: Figure G3 herein is a corrected version of the original published version which contained a scale error.
    Keywords: [Concept] - [SI] 00000 General Project [Discipline] History [Topic] Intro and Overview [Phase] Commissioning Concept Construction Design Operation [Audience] College
    - 20100500.pdf (5844 kb)
  4. Lecture Presentations on Heavy Water Reactors at 2010 Frederic Joliot / Otto Hahn Summer School (FJOHSS) on Nuclear Reactors held in Aix-en-Provence, France, August 25 to September 3, 2010, by Blair P. Bromley, FJOHSS, 07/09/2010. Doc type: Lecture.
    Keywords: [Concept] - [SI] 00000 General Project [Discipline] History Nuclear Engineering Physics [Topic] Conceptual Important Parameters Intro and Overview Physical Description [Phase] Concept Design Design Description Design Evolution [Audience] College Engineer Manager Ugrad
    - Main Lecture - Short Version 20110201.pdf (3441 kb)
    - Main Lecture - Long Version 20110202.pdf (10737 kb)
    - Supplement 1: R&D Activities for HWR Design and Safety Analysis 20110203.pdf (8280 kb)
    - Supplement 2: Alternative Concepts and Early HWR Prototypes 20110204.pdf (8403 kb)
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