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Hello, hello! Wot's this, then?

This is a site for students and others interested in Nuclear Engineering, built when I was Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics, McMaster University. I am retired now but still maintain the site. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Contact me. My short bio (pdf 9kb).

Looking for general nuclear info, courses, links, technical reports, etc.? Check out the links below. This site contains complete lecture notes, worked problems and actual lecture recordings (screen and audio capture). Check it out and enjoy!

Personal Commentary (Bill Garland): EmPOWERment: Energy for human betterment: I got into nuclear many years ago precisely because of my concern for the environment. Many of us have been plugging away for years doing the best we can to promote and implement the use of nuclear. I have been concerned for many years about pollution and the many other footprints we make. But we need to acknowledge the good progress that has been made over the years. We do see all too frequently, a frenzy over the fear of the moment where some fear mongers feed into peoples' emotions to create (along with media's help) unbalanced perceptions. Read more ...

Research Information

Course Information

Reference Information

- a growing collection of nuclear information that you might find useful.
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Nuclear Educational Initiatives in Canada

  • UNENE, the University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering, is offering a inter-university Master's degree program.
  • CANTEACH - CANDU technical information, an industry, university, CNS initiative that began in January 2000 with the mandate to produce technical educational material on CANDU.
  • CNS Conferences and Courses - check here for the latest news on upcoming conferences and courses sponsored by the Canadian Nuclear Society (Student Conference, Annual Conference, Nuclear Simulation Symposium, ...).
    • Canadian Nuclear Society Universities Committee - a committee devoted to assist in the coordination the activities of Canadian universities with nuclear programs, including the CNS Student conferences.
  • The Essential CANDU - a new CANDU textbook.

Nuclear Links and Downloads

  • Introductory Nuclear Educational Material - for high school and grade school teachers.
  • - Looking for information related to the overall Canadian Nuclear Enterprise and international links? The links formerly posted on this site have been moved to the portal
    Information found there includes:
    • Nuclear News
    • Careers page - links to full-time and summer career and job information, including at our own reactor - Jobs, jobs, jobs!!! Now contains articles relating to supply and demand.
    • Company links.
    • Who's Who - Find out where to study Nuclear Science and Engineering Research and Education, who is doing what and where.
    • Nuclear Courses offered in Canada - a convenient list of and links to all nuclear related courses offered in Canada.
    • Links to Discussion groups.
    • Technical documents - books, reports, journals, educational material.
  • Downloads (Computer Codes) Related to the Nuclear Industry.
  • Nuclear at McMaster University

Several links from this web site are to files in portable document format (pdf) format. You can use Adobe's Acrobat Reader to browse pdf documents on-line, print the document and download the files. If you haven't installed Adobe's Acrobat Reader already, click here to download it for free. (Adobe and Acrobat Reader are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated).

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