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Engineering Physics 4D3/6D3 - Nuclear Reactor Analysis


Course Description:

Introduction to nuclear energy; nuclear physics and chain reactions; reactor statics and kinetics; multigroup analysis; core thermalhydraulics; reactor design. Course concept map.

Three lectures per week; first term
Prerequisite: Engineering Physics 3D3
Lecturer: Bill Garland, NRB 117, extension 24925,, office hours: as needed; don't be shy.
Teaching Assistant: Taesung Ha, JHE A401, extension 24939,, office hours: Mondays at 1:00-2:00 for sure but can be reached at other times as well.

Course Administration:

  • back to the Course Outline on the official Department course page, pdf version suitable for printing (pdf 66kb)
  • Schedule (as of 2014-02-20 )
  • Check out the download page for code that you can use for the assignments in this course
  • Errata - Duderstadt and Hamilton (pdf 22kb)

Course notes

Note: These course notes, assignments and tests may be purchased from the bookstore as a coursepack . I follow Duderstadt and Hamilton for the most part but the derivation of Fick's Law follows Lamarsh and the numerical methods are my own formulation (simpler to understand and code than D&H). The discussion of the McMaster reactor is obviously not in D&H.

Class Recordings

These are audio and screen capture of the actual classes. BBFlashback was used to create a self standing executable. Just down load and run. Use the View command on the toolbar to adjust the movie size. File sizes are large but that is the best we can do at the moment.

Recordings for 2004/05 term 1

Assignments and Tests

Contributions from Guest Lecturers

  • CANDU Fuel Management (pdf 514kb) by Ben Rouben, Manager, Reactor Core Physics Branch, AECL, 2003.11.10.

Contributions from Students

Interesting and Informative Links

  • Teaching matters - helpful general information on teaching and learning for the student and the educator.
  • Computing tools - some suggestions.
  • Reactor physics code downloads.
  • See the Downloads page for engineering software and compilers, etc.
  • CANNUC Discussion Forum - This site was started in the hope of promoting discussion regarding "all things Nuclear" in general but there is a topic area for this course. Setup by Rob Pasuta of the McMaster Nuclear Reactor, a former student in EP4D3 - Go Rob!
  • Suggestions welcome.